WebAccount Password Manager benefits in more detail

No more scraps of paper

It is very easy to write down the login information for a website on a scrap of paper, post-it note or something similar.

But when you have more than one account, you need more scraps of paper and your wall or desk looks a mess.

With time they fall on the floor, stick to something else and are lost filed somewhere.

The biggest risk is that they are visible to others. We all trust our partners, friends and family and those we work with. But, relationships break down, and sometimes very badly.

Use WebAccount Password Manager and stop making your personal information visible to others.

No more books or paper notepads

Using a book or paper notepad to store all your access information has its risks and problems. If you want to access any of your accounts then you need it with you.

But what happens when you lose it or it is destroyed? You cannot "backup" a book and copying one is tedious and not very practical.

Regaining access to accounts can be challenging when you have nothing. Some accounts use Usernames, others use Email addresses, but which one? Usually you need to know that before you can try to deal with the Password.

How will you get to the email containing the login information to a site, when you cannot access your online email account?
With WebAccount Password Manager, if you lose the computer or device running WebAccount you will be able to restore on a different computer and access your accounts provided you make regular backups.

No need to remember login information

Typically the solution to remembering login information is "to use the same password" everywhere. This is not a good idea but in the real world a practical solution used by many.
As all the information is stored in WebAccount you do not need to remember it and you can access it when required.
But more than this you can take control of your online security. Make your passwords as complicated as you want and different for each website or account. WebAccount does the "remembering" for you.

No more forgetting account login or other information

You can relax. Everything is saved and organized in one place. If you need it and when you need it, it is there in WebAccount Password Manager.
WebAccount can be used for more than account and login information. Store credit and debit card details and pin numbers, access codes for security systems and safes and much more. All your data is encrypted and protected.

No need for excessive use of personal details online

Some sites require your "Date of birth" as part of their validation process. For government and official websites this should be correct. But for other websites where this information has no legal purpose you can "make it up". Provided you record it in WebAccount you will always know the date you used. Keep your real date only for those sites where it matters.
If an account includes "your favourite colour" or "your favourite school teacher" or similar types of personal history or knowledge questions then decide if they need to know the truth. Just make sure that you record your answer in WebAccount in case you need it..
When you do not need to remember, you can control who has access to your identity information.

If a disaster happens and you lose everything

If the worst happens and all you are left with is your backup, getting access to your accounts again is easy.

WebAccount Password Manager will run on any PC since and including Windows XP. Find one, download and install a free copy of WebAccount, restore your backup, start it and login. Now your online world is accessible again.