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WebAccount Password Manager launched. Never forget a password again. Keep personal data private and secure whilst remaining easily accessible but only by you.


Never forget a password again and take control of your account access. The WebAccount Password Manager app for Windows PCs provides safe and secure storage for all your accounts both online and offline. Not only does it store username and passwords but much more information, including the questions and answers you need to verify your identity. All data is highly encrypted and the only person with access is you.
You control your data
Whilst WebAccount Password Manager is fully integrated with the internet, your data is stored on your PC, laptop or device and the only person with access to it is you. Backups are easy so you never need to worry about losing your data and as you do them only you have access to them.
More than just passwords
Its use goes beyond passwords. Other useful and private information can be securely stored and easily accessible. Your passport or ID information which is often required when booking flights can be easily copied to online forms if required.
Password freedom
Give all accounts a different password. WebAcccunt will store them securely for you and in most cases when you use WebAccount to help you login you will not have to type anything. If you need help creating secure passwords then WebAccount will do that for you too.
The Assistant
WebAccount Password Manager includes "the Assistant" which makes logging in to your accounts much quicker and simpler. Teach it to help you login and it will do much of the work for you.
Several editions are available in fifteen languages
Free Fully functional but limited to only ten accounts. It will never expire, use it as much and for as long as you like with our compliments. Free updates for life.
Evaluation Fully functional, no restrictions but limited to 28 days usage.
Paid for license Fully functional with no restrictions, it never expires with free updates for life.
Your account data is private and secure. It should never leave your control and with WebAccount Password Manager your are always in control. Your data is not stored on WebAccount servers where potentially it could be vulnerable. There is no "online account" required. Just install and your accounts are with you when you need them and if you want to move WebAccount to another device that is easy.
This is just the beginning. Upgrades planned for the coming months include integrated backup, syncing across multiple devices, versions for Android, iPhone, Mac and more....

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