Generate an income from WebAccount

Anyone who uses the internet is a potential user and customer of WebAccount. Managing online accounts, their logins, passwords and supporting information has become a problem for many and WebAccount is the solution.
You can generate an income from WebAccount too. If you or your business are one of the following types then you can earn an income from WebAccount.
All you need to do is encourage others to download and use WebAccount. When users of WebAccount Password Maanager activate and buy a full license you will receive a share of the income. All customers are tracked using your unique referral code. This must be provided by customers to receive their discount. The process is simple and easy, you are not involved in the process of activating WebAccount, supporting it, or payment collection.

Family or friends

Recommend WebAccount to your family or friends. They receive a discount and you receive commission.

Website owner

Link to a page on your website with information on what WebAccount does including a link to a free software download and your tracking/discount referral code. When your visitors buy WebAccount you earn a commission.
Add a link to your website "login" function/page similar to "Forgot your password", for example "Manage your password". This links to your WebAccount page.

OEM or Software Publisher

If you are a volume hardware manufacturer or software publisher and would like to offer WebAccount to your customers get in touch. WebAccount is a fantastic upsell for any product or service related to the internet. Maybe you manufacture Routers, Anti-virus Software, Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, Imaging devices or other hardware and software where WebAccount can be offered as a download or included on a CD/DVD..

Article or Newsletter Author

Do you publish articles, write content for newsletters or communicate advice, help or solutions to groups of people by email or on social media? If so, you can generate an income from WebAccount. Recommend WebAccount and offer your readers a preferential rate whilst also making an income for yourself.