WebAccount, keeping your personal data private and secure

Take control of your internet security. All your logins and passwords in one place including all supporting information. Secure, encrypted and private, WebAccount Password Manager stores all your logins and passwords, website URLs, and other personal information for you to access when you need it, simplifying the process of website login and form filling.

Benefits of secure access to your Logins and Passwords

Protect yourself with a free copy of WebAccount Password Manager.

WebAccount Password Manager and WebAccount Assistant

With WebAccount Password Manager and WebAccount Assistant entering usernames, passwords and other login information when "logging in" is simple. "Copy and Paste" information when you need it or use the "Assistant" to automate the entry of login details.

WebAccount Assistant remembers what you need and when.
  • 1. Position your cursor in the first "entry/login field"
  • 2. Press Ctrl+V to paste the first value
  • 3. Move to the next field
  • 4. Press Ctrl+C and then Ctrl+V to paste the next value
  • Repeat steps three and four as required.

See how it works

Automating website login

Important information storage

  • Passport and Birth Certificates
  • Credit, Debit, Bank Card information
  • ID documents
  • IBAN and SWIFT bank details


Current list of supported languages when installing and running WebAccount.

How does it work?

Login to websites. Examples of WebAccount in action

Login to websites

Our Login Examples page has many commonly used banking, shopping, email, social media and public event websites. All require an account login to use some of their services. Step by step pictures are provided showing how WebAccount makes this process simple, fast and easy. No need to remember any login or password information. WebAccount does this for you.
The steps required vary in number depending on the website, the device you are using and how you want to do it. Usually 5-8 steps are required. For example when pasting you can type "Ctrl-V" or select various browser menu options or right click with your mouse and then select the "Paste" option. In all cases little time or effort is required. You will not need to type anything (unless you want to), therefore no typos. After pasting your password you should be able to press "Enter" and the webpage "Login/Sign in" button will be selected. Alternatively you can click it with a mouse or touch it with your finger. Whatever you decide the result is the same.
Banking, shopping, email, social media and other website examples.

Add websites, login information and important documents

Adding website, debit and credit cards, passport and other document examples.

What does the future hold?

At the moment we are working hard and adding great new functions to our existing WebAccount for Windows version.
Soon, there will be a WebAccount Password Manager for MAC, WebAccount Password Manager for Android, WebAccount Password Manager for IOS and hopefully a WebAccount Password Manager for Windows Mobile and WebAccount Password Manager for Linux although at the moment the last two may not be available for some time.
Then, if you want, all your accounts will be shared and accessible from all your devices.
The future holds many exciting possibilities and threats. We will be there keeping your information safe, secure and easily accessible. WebAccount will evolve to embrace future changes.
Download your free evaluation copy and try WebAccount Password Manager now.
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