Using WebAccount Password Manager by Touch

WebAccount can be used without a normal keyboard. It includes an integrated Touch Screen keyboard if required. Your Touch Screen enabled computer may include a touch enabled keyboard for example a Tablet. However, if you are using a traditional PC or MAC with an external monitor which is Touch enabled then it will not. In this case WebAccount includes an integrated keyboard which you can activate.

Enable and Disable the Touch Keyboard

Select the Configure option by clicking or touching the "Cog". Then click or touch the Keyboard image to enable or disable it.

Disable Touch Keyboard

When bordered with Green, "Touch Keyboard mode" is activated. Click to disable it.

Enable Touch Keyboard

When bordered with Red, "Touch Keyboard mode" is deactivated. Click to enable it.

Keyboard behaviour

As you move from field to field the keyboard will appear and its position will change to below the field. However, if the keyboard will not fit underneath the field, it will be positioned above.
Move from field to field using the "Tab" key. As you move from the second password to the "Login" button the keyboard will disappear. If you touch a field with your finger or stylus, WebAccount will respond the same as if you used a mouse click.
Click or touch the "Esc" key to hide the keyboard. It will reappear when you move to the next field.