Select a WebAccount Password Manager Account

Selecting an account is quick and easy. Click, touch or use the keyboard to select the required account.
If WebAccount is not running you must start it and login to access the main form. If WebAccount is already running then make it "pop-up" using the Alt+Ctrl+W keyboard shortcut or by clicking on the WebAccount icon on the toolbar usually at the bottom of your screen.

1. Click or touch the "Account name" dropdown.

2. Use your mouse, touch or keyboard to select the account.

When you click or touch into the account name field the dropdown should appear listing all your accounts. If you can see the one you want click or touch it and the details will be shown. Otherwise, press the first character of the account you are looking for. The first item matching will be shown. Type the second letter of the name and again the first matching item will be shown. Continue until the account name you require is visible.
When the account you require is highlighted, click it or touch it.

3. The account information is shown.

More information on how to launch the website and login or edit the account information or delete the account is available.