How to Restore a WebAccount Password Manager Backup in Windows

All data stored by WebAccount Password Manager is stored within one folder. For more technical users there are no registry settings to consider. These instructions use the standard Windows File Explorer tool. There are also many commercial Backup and Restore tools which you can use if you prefer.
You must close WebAccount before you restore files. If something goes wrong during the restore process then start the process again.
Information on how to Backup your WebAccount data.


1. All data is stored within folder C:\WebAccount
2. Any existing data must be deleted as part of the restore process.

Restore procedure for Windows

Step 1. Install WebAccount Password Manager unless already installed

Information on how to Install WebAccount Password Manager.

Step 2. Browse to drive C: so you can see the WebAccount folder

If you cannot see the WebAccount folder then re-install WebAccount before going any further.

Step 3. Double click on folder "WebAccount", now you can see folder "files"

If you cannot see the files or bin folder then re-install WebAccount before going any further.

Step 4. Right click your mouse on folder "files", select "Delete" and confirm

The "bin" folder is not deleted as this does not contain any data, only program files. If the bin folder is missing or you think may be damaged then re-install WebAccount. If in doubt re-install as there is "no down side" to re-installing.

Step 5. Copy your backup file to folder C:\WebAccount

Step 6. Double click on the Backup file and File Explorer will "enter it"

Step 7. Right click on the "files" folder and select "Copy"

Step 8. Click on "WebAccount" to return to the folder

Step 9. Right click and select "Paste"

Your "files" folder will be restored. Once complete you may delete the backup file if you prefer.

Your WebAccount data is restored

Now you can start WebAccount Password Manager.
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