How to Login to WebAccount Password Manager

After installing and starting WebAccount first you are shown how to find help. Once the help information window is closed two passwords are required which you will use to login each time you use WebAccount. They are important and you should consider them like the "keys to a safe, and the safe contains everything of value to you". They are the only way for you to access all of your account information. So the passwords you use must be something you can remember but also, not something someone else could easily guess.
So, your two passwords are all you need to potentially access hundreds of your personal and business accounts. As a result you can apply the highest security standards to the passwords you use for all of your accounts. You do not need to remember them, WebAccount does this for you.
These passwords form part of the encryption process which we use to protect your information. Online access is not required. The passwords are not stored online and are only known by yourself.
Once logged in, you can stay logged in as long as you want, so you decide how often you do this. "Logging in" means accessing WebAccount, it does not mean you need to be online. Being connected to the Internet is only required if you want WebAccount to launch your browser to an account for you to access.
First time login or Subsequent login

First time use, defining your master login passwords

You are asked to provide two passwords. These must be memorable for you and you must not forget them! We do not know them and WebAccount cannot help you if you forget them.
  • The passwords must be at least four characters in length
  • You cannot have two identical characters following each other
  • The passwords can be the same
  • There are no criteria about the characters you use or do not use
We recommend you follow best practise and use very secure passwords. Only you can decide this based on the type of information you want to protect and how accessible by others your computer or device is that you are using.

1. Initial WebAccount form

2. Define two passwords

Enter your two passwords and select "Next".

3. Re-enter both passwords to be sure there are no typos

4. Select "Confirm"

Select "Confirm" and your passwords are compared with those previously entered. If they match, they are saved and are used to encrypt your account data.

5. Password creation is complete

Now you can start adding accounts to WebAccount Password Manager.

Subsequent use, normal login behaviour

1. Initial WebAccount form

2. Enter Login passwords

These are the two passwords you defined earlier when starting WebAccount for the first time. Do not lose these as we cannot help you work out what they are. You do not need to be online to login as all of your data and passwords are stored locally on your computer.

3. Activate

If WebAccount has not been activated, then each time you login you will be asked to activate. After the activation check, all accounts are loaded. This continues for a period of 28 days. Use our "Buy and Activate" page when you are ready to purchase a license key. When entered this key will activate WebAccount. Until then you can select the "Skip" button to continue the login process. WebAccount functions fully during the evaluation period.

4. Accounts are loaded

5. Login is complete

Now you can start adding, editing, deleting or launching accounts in WebAccount Password Manager.
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