How to launch a website Login page

Using WebAccount to launch a website Login page is quick and easy. Select the account, select the website button, your browser will open the login page you have defined and WebAccount Assistant is launched for you also.

1. Select the Account.

First "Select the Account" where you want to login.

2. Select the "Launch website" button.

Click or touch the "Launch website" button or press the "Enter" key. The button is set as the default when an account is selected. Pressing the Enter key selects the "Launch website" button.
Your default browser and WebAccount Assistant are launched.
The Username for the account is also copied to the clipboard, so you can paste it as soon as you access the website login page.

3. Use WebAccount Assistant.

With WebAccount Assistant you can record the required items that you need to paste and the order of entry. It will then simplify the process for you.