How to install WebAccount Password Manager in Windows

Once WebAccount Password Manager is downloaded from our website or copied to your disk you can install it. Requirements are minimal and it will only take a few moments to install.
  • Download size is less than 15MB
  • WebAccount Password Manager requires 75MB of disk space
  • PC with 1GB RAM is required
  • If re-installing, the installation process will replace the program but not alter your data
  • Install in one of many languages
  • An uninstall function is provided
The installation file must have been downloaded to your PC, copied to your disk or on an external device like a USB flash or pen drive. Download instructions here.
If you downloaded the installation file and followed our download instructions, installation will have automatically started. In which case, proceed to "Step 1".
If you are installing from disk or USB or downloaded the installation file and want to install manually then browse to the files location and double click it.

Step 1. Starting installation

After a few seconds you may see the "Verified Publisher Window". This indicates that WebAccount is "Code Signed" with an SSL certificate and verified for use with Windows.

Your Windows "User Access Control" (UAC) settings will determine if this Window appears or not. It does not matter if it does or does not.
Select "Yes" to continue.

Step 2. Select the installation language

Select the language you prefer to use. This will become the default setting for WebAccount Password Manager after installation. You can change this anytime later in WebAccount using the configuration option.

Step 3. Accept the End-User License Agreement

Step 4. Confirm installation

Select Install to confirm installation should start.

Step 5. Installation progresses

As WebAccount installs, the progress bar advances.

Step 6. Installation completes

When the window below is shown you can start using WebAccount Password Manager.
If "Launch WebAccount Password Manager" is ticked when you click the Finish button, then WebAccount will automatically start. Alternatively there are several other methods available to start using WebAccount Password Manager.
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