How to Configure WebAccount Password Manager

WebAccount includes functions to configure Language and Modes, select our built in touch keyboard and also to upgrade WebAccount to the latest version. Modes change the size of WebAccount on your screen.
Click or Touch the "Configure Cog" to open or close the Configuration options. Pressing the "Esc" key will also close the Configuration options.


Click or touch the language you prefer. WebAccount will immediately change language. This does not affect any account information you have entered. Note, if you are using the Touch Keyboard changing the language in WebAccount will not change the keyboard characters. The keyboard language is determined by the language of your computer.
A full list of supported languages is available on our Language page.

Upgrade WebAccount

WebAccount has an integrated upgrade process. If you experience a problem it is always worth making sure that you have the latest version.
Click or Touch the "upgrade icon" and a confirmation message is given stating that, "the next time you start WebAccount it will download and install the latest version".
The upgrade process only takes a few seconds and is fully automatic.


Click or Touch your preferred Mode setting. Four modes are supported, Mouse, Touch, 2K and 4K. Each change the size of WebAccount on your screen. Not only the height and width but also the font size and the size of many images. WebAccount selects an initial setting based on the screen size. If your screen is smaller than the Touch, 2K or 4K WebAccount size then the relevant options are disabled and shown in grey. You can change configuration settings whenever and as often as you prefer.

Mouse Mode

WebAccount scales down to 680px wide, ideally for use with a Mouse. It can still be used on a Touch screen but we suggest with a Stylus.

Touch Mode

WebAccount scales to 800px wide which is large enough to use on Touch screens with your finger.

2K Mode

WebAccount scales to 1300px wide so that when used on a large screen with a resolution over 2K or 2000 pixels, it remains large enough to use by Touch, Mouse or Stylus.

4K Mode

WebAccount scales to 2000px wide so that when used on a high definition 4K screen it remains large enough to use by Touch, Mouse or Stylus.

Touch Keyboard

If your computer has a touch screen then WebAccount Password Manager has an integrated Touch Keyboard to use with it. When you are required to type something, a keyboard will appear. All buttons, checkboxes and dropdown lists respond to touch. The keyboard is not "auto-detected" but is turned on or off by yourself. Once turned on it will appear and disappear in the appropriate location when relevant.

Disable Touch Keyboard

When bordered with Green, "Touch Keyboard mode" is activated. Click to disable it.

Enable Touch Keyboard

When bordered with Red, "Touch Keyboard mode" is deactivated. Click to enable it.
The keyboard language is determined by the language of your computer and not the language selected using WebAccount. The keyboard is available in either Mouse, Touch, 2K or 4K mode.