How to Backup WebAccount Password Manager in Windows

All data stored by WebAccount Password Manager is stored within one folder. For more technical users there are no registry settings to consider. These instructions use the standard Windows File Explorer tool. There are also many commercial Backup and Recovery tools which you can use if you prefer.
You should backup whenever you change or add account information. There is no need to close WebAccount when you do a backup. The process is very quick (taking just a few seconds) and you do not need any additional hardware although doing a backup to a USB key or USB flash drive is highly recommended. These are inexpensive and most people have one anyway. Alternatively you can copy your backup to online cloud based services like DropBox.
Your data is fully encrypted and secure when backed up.
You can Restore your WebAccount backup on any computer but you can only use it on one computer at a time.


1. All data is stored within folder C:\WebAccount. To be more precise within the "files" subfolder. There is another subfolder called "bin", but this contains the program and is replaced if you re-install WebAccount, so does not need to be part of your backup.
2. Always copy your backup "somewhere else". For example, to a USB stick, CD, DVD or another computer.
Copying "somewhere else" is important so that if your computer is lost, stolen or destroyed then your backups are not lost too.

Backup procedure for Windows

Step 1. Select file explorer

Step 2. Browse to drive C: so you can see the WebAccount folder

Step 3. Double click on folder "WebAccount", now you can see folder "files"

Step 4. Right click your mouse on folder "files", move to "Send to", then "Compressed (zipped) folder"

Step 5. After "Compressed (zipped) folder" is clicked, your WebAccount files are merged into a single backup file

In this example data for 11 accounts were merged and compressed into a file of 14KB taking one second. This file is small and can be easily copied to a USB key, CD or external disk drive. A larger example of 376 accounts required 276KB of space and took 3 seconds.

Step 6. Type a name for the backup for example "WebAccountBackup" and press Enter

Step 7. Your WebAccount data is backed up. Now you must copy it "somewhere else"

Copy to another folder or preferably to CD, DVD or USB key.
Information on how to Restore your WebAccount backup.
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