WebAccount Password Manager Automatic Password Generation

WebAccount includes a function to automatically generate passwords. If you are opening a new account online and you need a password then WebAccount will create it for you. If you prefer you can use your own.
The button circled below will create a password for you. Useful when editing an account or creating an account, especially online website accounts.
It is advisable to use different passwords for each website. With WebAccount you can easily create strong passwords for each of your online accounts and WebAccount will remember the passwords for you. Improve your online security by making the passwords you use different and change them easily when you feel it appropriate.
To generate a password, click or touch the button
The generated password is shown
If a password already existed then it is copied to the "Last password" field before the new one is created. If you need to update your password online it is useful to know the current one as well as the new one until you have finished the online password update porcess.
The password changes are saved when you select the "Save" button. Make sure you regularly backup your data especially after making changes.