How to automate login with WebAccount Assistant

Use WebAccount Assistant to simplify and speed up login access to your online accounts. With WebAccount Assistant, login only using a mouse, touch screen or a few keyboard strokes.
WebAccount Password Manager stores your login username, password and supporting information for you. WebAccount Assistant automates the copy and paste process when you access an account.

Entering values using WebAccount Assistant and general information

The Assistant sizes itself based on the number of values stored for an account. To save space on screen, only those items you might need are shown.
Click or touch the button next to each value description and the actual value is copied to the clipboard.

Teach WebAccount Assistant

First teach WebAccount Assistant what you need and the order in which you need it.
1. Use WebAccount Password Manager to open the account login page and also WebAccount Assistant.
2. Using WebAccount Assistant select the "Delete steps" image to reset recorded steps.
3. Click or touch a WebAccount Assistant button to populate the clipboard with the relevant value.
4. Paste that value to the account login page.
Repeat steps 3 and 4 and proceed with the login process until complete.
5. Using WebAccount Assistant select the "Save steps" image to save your steps.
Note: This does not record the actual values only the value types and the order in which they are required.
In reality to record steps you do not need to launch the browser or even paste values. The only important things to do are select the required buttons and in the correct order.
At any time if you need to change the steps, repeat steps 2 to 5.

Automatically entering information when you log into an account

1. Use WebAccount Password Manager to open the relevant website page.
2. Open WebAccount Assistant.
3. Paste the first value.
4. Press Ctrl+C
5. Paste the next value (if there is one).
Repeat steps 4 and 5 until done.
6. Press Ctrl+C one final time and WebAccount Assistant will close.
Note: There is no need to switch between the browser and WebAccount Assistant. You can copy and paste as required without leaving the browser.