How to Add a Website Password Manager Account

To add a Website account to WebAccount Password Manager all you need is an Account name. An account can be a website account or something which you want to record securely, for example Credit or Debit card details or Passport and ID document information.
  • IRS
  • AOL
Whilst this example is about a Website account and seperately there are examples for Card and Document accounts, they can be merged. There are no "types" of account in WebAccount but to help understand how to use WebAccount we have created specific examples. If your website account also includes Card information then put all the relevant information into one account.

Add a Website account

1. Enter the name for the new account

The name of the account can be up to thirty characters in length and can use any character on your keyboard.
As a suggestion, if you have multiple accounts with the same website for example email accounts at Gmail, you could use the convention.
Accounts are selected by typing the first few letters, by mouse or by touch. So you may find it useful to abbreviate account names.
  • CITIBANK becomes CITI

2. Select if http or https should be used.

The http/https settings default to https as it is assumed that websites that you login to should be secure and therefore use https. When you enter the website link the radio button will be set automatically depending if the website link starts with http or https.
You can usually ignore this setting. Press the Tab key or click or touch into the field following the http://. This is the website link.

3. Enter the website address.

To enter the website address it is usually easier to visit the website, click on the browser url and copy it when highlighted.
Type or paste the website address into WebAccount.
Click the "Web" button on the right of the website URL and your browser will be launched to that address.
Press the Tab key or click or touch into the Username field.

4. Enter the Username and Password.

Click, touch or use the Tab key to move between fields and enter the Username and Password you use to login to this website.
It is advisable to use different passwords for each website. WebAccount includes a function to automatically create a password for you. You can easily create strong passwords for each of your online accounts and WebAccount will remember the passwords for you. You can of course use your own if you prefer.
To generate a password, click or touch the button
The generated password is shown
Passwords and other information can be masked or hidden
Selecting the checkbox to the right of the Password turns masking on or off. If on, the Password value and most of the other values will be presented with all characters replaced with an * character.

5. Save the Account.

Click or touch the Save button and the account will be added to WebAccount. The Save button is set as the "default" button. So pressing the Enter key at any time will also select the Save button.
Immediately after saving, the account can be selected using the name provided.
Make sure you regularly backup your data especially after making changes.