First time use of WebAccount Password Manager

Before you do anything you are advised how to seek help if you need it. This is achieved by clicking or touching a ? or the "frustrated" emoji symbol. WebAccount will take you to the appropriate support page when selecting help.
After starting WebAccount for the first time you will be shown the window below. After selecting the "Ok" button you will proceed to the stage of creating the two passwords you need to login to WebAccount every time you start it. Once the passwords are created the initial "Help" window will not be shown again.
There are many help and support pages available. If you need help you must be online first. Your browser will open a page relevant to what you are doing in WebAccount when you select help. If that does not help select the "Support" option above and all help pages are shown. If after browsing the relevant pages you still have a question, please get in touch.
When you select ok you can create login passwords and then login to WebAccount Password Manager
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