What is Encryption?

Encryption is the name given to the process of turning text like:
The above is an example of encrypting a username. Anything can be encrypted in this way. In WebAccount, everything is encrypted.

Why do I need encryption?

Encryption is needed to make johnsmith86 or anthing else you consider personal and private, secret. When your information is passed from one place to another, typically using the internet or as part of a file stored on a disc, DVD, USB key or similar it should always be encrypted.
If your information is encrypted then somebody else cannot use it unless they know how to reverse the process.

How does the encryption process work?

Three things are required
  • The information to encrypt
  • A "key", often referred to as a private key. A word or phrase which only you and the recipient of the information know.
  • A type of encryption, also known as an algorithm, like a mathematical formula.
1. Each character in your information is converted to a number.
2. Each character in the key is converted to a number.
3. All the numbers are "mixed" together using the algorithm.
The algorithm is a "set of complicated rules" which are applied to encrypt something and can be applied in reverse to decrypt back to the original data.
Once encrypted in order to "decrypt" and obtain your information the encryption algorithm and key must be known.

WebAccount encryption

There are many encryption algorithms in use today. AES is widely used to encrypt data and information. For example by organizations like banks, governments, security businesses, etc.
WebAccount uses multiple layers of encryption. AES is one part of our process.

Global encryption restrictions

Due to the sophisticated encryption technologies that we use we do not sell our products or permit our products to be sold in certain countries.
Our current country exclusion list is available on our "buy a license" page.