About WebAccount, our vision, team and you

Mission statement

To make it easier for you to improve online security, protect your identity and important information.
WebAccount is a software and internet services business which through its range of products and free advice will improve your online security whilst also making accessing your online accounts easier.

Our vision

1. To be a successful business for the benefits of all our stakeholders, our investors, employees and their families.
2. To improve online security for the consumers of our products and services.
3. To make life easier for anyone with online accounts or with personal data that they wish to secure.
4. To provide quality free online security advice to users of our products, those who visit our website, or read our information on social media..
5. To ensure that WebAccount is a trusted brand respected for its knowledge of online security and role in communicating good practise to everyone.
6. To deliver WebAccount products and services with user friendly support information in as many languages as possible paying attention to those with special needs thereby including as many potential users as possible.

The Team

Our amazing team....
  • Alex Alexander
  • Linda Sodano
  • Simon Galea
  • Mirka Kulachova
  • Dominik Loeffelmann
  • Lorena Delgado
  • Lucie Neumavova
  • Flora Cascelli
  • Poitr Płatek
  • Jessica, 司春风
  • Chloé Kennedy
  • Nikoletta Talpas
  • Magnar Nilsen
  • Hüseyin Ekiz
  • Louise and Antoine Buhagiar
Without their contribution none of what we have achieved and plan to achieve would be possible.